New Year's Eve

IMG_8527-1b1b16 IMG_8528-2f30d4 IMG_8530-d7db0a IMG_8531-dcce7c IMG_8534-35e5f3

Recording a song

IMG_8555-e94a38 IMG_8557-dd479a

Maya's science project

IMG_8565-9c64de IMG_8568-bf5a3a

Showing the kids how we used to pop popcorn. Wow!

IMG_8614-0cf6c7 IMG_8617-e8b694 IMG_8622-82f3cc IMG_8624-e9cb2c

New hair do!

IMG_8636-0f775f IMG_8641-d34cac IMG_8644-9baf94 IMG_8669-3d6201


IMG_8540-26ff86 IMG_8542-683a0a owls-and-cats-957027

Sledding on the golf course

IMG_1110-ea089e IMG_1114-79e486 IMG_1118-6e5ca6 IMG_8686-ed3ed0



We enjoy hosting the Women@INI chocolate tasting party

IMG_8849-c6fd49 IMG_8859-d11155

Nina at school

IMG_1310-6c18df IMG_1311-5523b3 IMG_1313-6d5f9d

Kids in the living room. Shane shows off the seven treasure chests he got for the seven teeth he had pulled. Nina's dress matches the couch pillows. Maya practices her flute.

IMG_8919-3a0aec IMG_8923-577972 IMG_8931-fe55e2

Shane approves of his bathroom remodeling

IMG_8976-c6fdb4 IMG_8987-523f08

Nina with Miles and Bekah

IMG_1564-a27847 IMG_1568-a4104a

Squishy circuits

IMG_9002-52d2bb IMG_9021-a25792

The magnolias are blooming




After her haircut she spelled her name with hair clips


Spring break art camps

IMG_1472-5ccc37 IMG_1473-973e7b IMG_1475-32d7a7 IMG_1478-e93887 IMG_1481-50ac04

Passover at Grandma Judy's house

IMG_9030-cd8772 IMG_9043-c956ca IMG_9045-7ccc8b IMG_9047-d893e0 IMG_9049-0c8e59 IMG_9058-ead586 IMG_9060-c428bd IMG_9066-78bb72 IMG_9067-771305 IMG_9076-9e34cd

Recording a song


Lorrie goes to Nina's school and then to Shane's Barclay parents' dance

IMG_9097-e05c27 IMG_9115-209803 IMG_9118-752cc5 IMG_9163 - Version 2-234c23 IMG_9163-0dce84 IMG_9171-ae163a IMG_9199-297b9d

Nina and Maya at their desks

IMG_9216-dec973 IMG_9242-ebe64d IMG_9249-0c953a IMG_9269-0324fe

CMU Carnival

IMG_1533-aae460 IMG_1534-45694e IMG_1535-40502b

Nina plays her ukulele at school with Mrs. Bird

DSCN5854-d4275a DSCN5856-763393 IMG_1545-1dda1b

Nina shows off her new sundress that mom sewed for her

IMG_9277-20edc4 IMG_9280-df9093 IMG_9299-705774

Lots of flowers in the side yard for Shane's birthday

IMAG0144-2bd34e IMAG0148-fad08c


IMG_20120505_111611-b8dbfd IMG_9313-6bb3a3 IMG_9314-62d9e5 IMG_9318-c2f15a IMG_9321-903461

Nina's class hatched chicks


We visited the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and saw mom's quilt on display

IMG_9361-6304b9 IMG_9375-62da93 IMG_9376-98512f IMG_9378-bb8d5c

Music lesson time

IMG_9391-eb21b6 IMG_9395-00ded3

Last day of kindergarten.... and kindergarten graduation

IMAG0157-ff57ed IMG_9409-ac6693 IMG_9411-8ec0c6 IMG_9415-ba3b31 IMG_9419-7045d8 IMG_9445-be1e00 IMG_9454-a3e842 IMG_9478-aae752 IMG_9484-a05ade IMG_9501-ffdde2 IMG_9509-3d8166 IMG_9518-e29135 IMG_9530-d63617 IMG_9536-6e249b IMG_9552-cf6ed8

There's a cat on her face


Colfax spring concert


Maya's dance class

IMG_9623-c09fab IMG_9629-d3e72a IMG_9637-8ffc22 IMG_9647-38f6d6 IMG_9651-a4c5a6 IMG_9655-f50116 IMG_9667-94a118

New sundresses... new glasses

IMG_9714-5dc9e4 IMG_9723-e2d895 IMG_9743-782102

Summer camps

IMG_20120604_084851-67cd3a IMAG0163-27333e IMG_20120622_114809-20138e

Jamming with Blase

IMG_9872-bf6e76 IMG_9873-f2bfcd IMG_9874-1d2783 IMG_9875-911e9d IMG_9878-994811 IMG_9880-3a3be5 IMG_9882-5b38bc IMG_9901-93149e IMG_9904-2b58ff IMG_9906-7ca20c IMG_9916-9c76ea IMG_9917-c65700 IMG_9919-26cd66 IMG_9920-2fb079 IMG_9921-aa2e8a

Maya at Camp Spirit of the Game

IMG_3669-7e5c13 IMG_3733-2fb182

Little Miss Sunshine

IMG_9944-3045a8 IMG_9963-71d752 IMG_9971-739dad IMG_9989-2ef388

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in Schenley Park

IMG_1970-ea95c5 IMG_1974-6d4849 IMG_1977-0acd21 IMG_1979-cdf08b IMG_1993-fdb2fe IMG_1994-33b559

Chatham camp performances

IMG_0056-d0891d IMG_0067-bd4fe6 IMG_0075-267896 IMG_0080-aceefa IMG_0084-f618ee

Eye doctor and orthodontist

IMG_20120728_101951-b48626 IMG_20120728_102829-87d301 IMG_20120730_171314-7c8c41 IMG_20120730_171552-535da9

Carnegie Science Center

IMG_2003-43c383 IMG_2009-0557c3 IMG_2012-64b6c8

Tutti Frutti


Dream house camp

IMG_20120810_143231-8eb30d IMG_20120810_143546-c7b8f6

Our kitchen, before renovation


Medieval Times camp and building bridges camp

IMG_2460-61a9f7 IMG_2464-9481a1 IMG_2468-6e089e IMG_2474-3bba1a IMG_2476-a50c89 IMG_2478-e2f800 IMG_2480-3a62a4 IMG_2502-ca3987

Shane started taking bass lessons


Northumberland block party

IMG_0480-04d688 IMG_0493-a41b1a IMG_0501-d6761f IMG_0528-ac28a9 IMG_0529-6c2fb4

First day of school

IMG_0533-dc7cb6 IMG_0541-e1e318 IMG_0543-a3cb33 IMG_0546-f682ff IMG_0549-f9b1c5 IMG_0552-4e80d9

Face painting

IMG_0554-dd0836 IMG_0559-85e870

Nina's birthday card for her friend

IMG-6a49c1 IMG_0001-2d55e2

Bus stop reading


Soccer team


All dressed up for Maya's birthday dinner

IMG_0756-999d31 IMG_0760-81033f IMG_0762-8bb346 IMG_0770-b855cf IMG_0774-e09e1c IMG_0778-257f16 IMG_0783-0656eb IMG_0785-4a8e7a IMG_0789-4257f5 IMG_20120916_182935-562305

Maya dressed up for Barclay class

IMG_0817-218b92 IMG_0836-0c9726 IMG_0838-92315d IMG_0839-f15290

Maya's yoga birthday party with Ms. Jill

IMG_0855-901f17 IMG_0858-81bca5 IMG_0859-1c37a7 IMG_0862-bf4a8b IMG_0863-361e6f IMG_0871-2f2364 IMG_0877-455d7d IMG_0878-3cc44f IMG_0888-e4edde IMG_0903-39e0b6 IMG_0904-73b4d8 IMG_0905-dd2e8a IMG_0906-f0628a IMG_0907-c1f6e7 IMG_0916-a7d982 IMG_0920-23d510 IMG_0921-d7f4e4 IMG_0922-9a531c IMG_0935-775a48 IMG_0936-dda7ed IMG_0938-eca445 IMG_0943-c9397b IMG_0944-48893a

Shane and Lorrie flew to New York for the Maker Faire

IMG_2508-2748b3 IMG_2516-22adf0 IMG_2518-8ef853 IMG_2539-a99085 IMG_2549-ef8d58 IMG_2563-a94d12

Shane got a new bass. He named it Stuart.

IMG_0963-a3fb19 IMG_0975-1a9a52 IMG_0986-f7751e IMG_1025-6e939f IMG_1040-35a8d9 IMG_1049-253c5a IMG_1079-de81b8

Science projects

IMG_1133-39c420 IMG_1144-6705b4 IMG_1310 (1)-86e42f IMG_1329-33c847 IMG_1343-b79ef3 IMG_1474-d8000e


IMG_20121014_141216-3dbe5a IMG_1206-458295 IMG_1221-5e69ee IMG_1228-3e9d40 IMG_1251-db0032

Lorrie went with Maya on the RiverQuest field trip

IMG_2630-2bc942 IMG_2638-7683c2 IMG_2712-19794b IMG_2781-8b8c54

Ebiz Thanksgiving dinner at the Pittsburgh Golf Club in Schenley Park

IMG_1528-944ee6 IMG_1542-84a470 IMG_1553-6ffde5 IMG_1572-298349 IMG_1587-26313c

New glasses

IMG_1610-d5f42d IMG_1627-c2df92

Looking cool with bass and SciTech gear

IMG_1638-92b6a8 IMG_1645-a6d58f

Holiday card photo shoot in our demolished kitchen, and Thanksgiving on Mount Washington with Grandma Judy and Papa Mike

IMG_1677-4d1ada IMG_1688-1192cf IMG_1701-225b03 IMG_1722-e75f22 IMG_1755-c41235 IMG_1780-1b71df IMG_1792-5a2010 IMG_1823-7d4ad1 IMG_1833-8b19dd IMG_1842-fd5ff5 IMG_2811-ec4a60 IMG_2827-39c440 IMG_2828-11407f IMG_1853-66e740 IMG_1866-a3acfe IMG_1870-86a921 IMG_1880-13d6cf IMG_1884-b8d0b1

Cathedral of Learning

IMG_2836-0d4e1d IMG_2859-f0d667 IMG_2861-33a4e4


IMG_1933-cc03cb IMG_1943-6a6234 IMG_1967-7d9253

CyLab holiday party at the National Aviary

IMG_2005-87d6ff IMG_2011-754b3e IMG_2090-7cc849 IMG_2091-aa31b9 IMG_2122-045cd9

Shane's first bass recital

IMG_2192-2f9fe4 IMG_2199-d85364 IMG_2208-1bbe29 IMG_2218-1e1491 IMG_2220-ff498a

Julie's gingerbread house party

IMG_2960-3726df IMG_2967-020638

Winterbreak in Maryland

IMG_2976-70489f IMG_3001-2266f3 IMG_3008-133bd3 IMG_2284-8e9625 IMG_2290-540df2 IMG_2291-0f172f IMG_2294-552250 IMG_2297-d76934 IMG_2402-10644a

We got all dressed up for New Year's Eve

IMG_3018-d800f0 IMG_2476 (1)-104016 IMG_2480 (1)-4ca201 IMG_2487-808829 IMG_2496-7a1e24